Market Data Application – Professional Market Data Management
Market Data Application – Professional Market Data Management

MDA is the long-term solution for the central provision of consistent end-of-day market data for risk management: a central service provider procures, checks and distributes the data and generates Golden Values, ensuring efficiency and transparency.

MDA provides standardised and flexible interfaces with vendors and data suppliers and accommodates individual business processes while ensuring consistent data management. At the same time it reduces operational risk and facilitates compliance with relevant laws and regulations even when these change.

As MDA can be easily integrated with existing IT infrastructure, it allows to reduce the costs of operating IT infrastructure and applications as well as maintenance expenses significantly.

Areas of Use

MDA provides consistent and reviewed end-of-day information on market risk factors – a key input to valuation, portfolio analysis, backtesting and stress testing.

Relevant requirements within an organisation can vary, ranging from fair value checks to regulatory reporting. MDA ensures stringent and consistent market data management across all organisational units, reducing operational risk.

Data categories covered by MDA include:

  • Exchange-listed securities
  • FX information
  • Fixed-income instruments
  • Interest rate instruments
  • Various curve and area types (zero rates, volatilities, etc.)

MDA in practice

Launched in 2020 MDA is continuously further developed in collaboration with our clients. More than 150,000 instruments are already processed with MDA every day.

Various internal and external vendors provide the basis for the 10 data sources currently implemented in MDA, which are connected to more than 35 downstream systems.

Application & Services

MDA is centrally operated, which includes

  • change request management
  • release management
  • test management
  • quality management
  • standardised technical and content monitoring.

In addition, clients can commission individual services (MDAS).


Easy online access
MDA is completely web-based and can be accessed with various browsers. It can be put into use quickly without local installation once it has been individually configured and activated.

Intelligent concepts and sophisticated, secure technology
The application is based on a Thin-Client concept, which means that clients get as much data as possible from the server. All installation and maintenance work is performed centrally on the server without affecting users. All changes made to the server, such as new releases or security updates, take effect for all clients at the same time. Communication is via secure and encrypted SSL data transmission and dedicated networks.

All changes recorded
All changes to MDA and its documentation are centrally recorded and can be checked whenever legal, technical or content-related questions arise.

Value Added

We designed MDA as a tool for delivering quality-assured market data which pools expertise across all service stages. A high degree of automation, stringently professional documentation and multi-tenancy combined with individual adjustments provide considerable added value.

The comprehensive outsourcing of market data-related tasks frees up internal resources and, by fostering standardisation and creating synergies, significantly increases efficiency.